Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Letters to Eli, #1

Dear Eli,

I can't believe you are already seven weeks old. You've changed my life in every way imaginable, and I cannot believe how fast time is going by now. I always knew that it would go really fast when I started having kids, but I didn't realize how swiftly every second would seem to fly by just being in your presence. I wake up every day ready to see your face. I long to hear every coo, sigh, and grunt that you make. I never knew that listening for things like burps and passing gas would be things that would make me happy or excited, but they do. And they do because they're yours.

I already look back at the pictures from the day you were born or even pictures from when you were two weeks old or four weeks old and am amazed at how much you've changed in just a few weeks time. I try to hold onto every second I spend with you during the day because I know that they are going to be fleeting and short-lived. I have to go back to work on January 6, and it feels like it is just rapidly approaching. It makes me sad to think that I'm going miss all the little smiles that you give me during the day and all the little naps you take while resting on my shoulder or my chest. People offer a lot to watch you so I can clean or run errands, and it is very kind of them to do so. What they don't realize is that I want to spend every possible moment with you over all other things. Nothing else is as important to me as getting in as much time with you as I can as I am all too aware of how fast you will grow. 

I already find myself wishing I could go back to the first week and do everything all over again with you. I already think I could do those first few weeks better with you if I could go back and redo them just knowing the things I know about you now. How you would grow, how to comfort you, and what you like; but I guess that is part of this parent-child relationship. We learn and grow together as we go.

Don't get me wrong...I am excited for the future...our future! It will be such a joy to see how you grow and change. I pray for you often. I pray that God will someday call you to life with Him, I pray He will give you Christ-like friends, and I pray for your future spouse to be a God-fearing, Christian woman. I pray you will seek God's will or your life and follow it with selfless abandon. I pray for you to try to be like Jesus in heart, mind, and actions. 

I pray for me, too. I pray that I will be a good mother to you and that I will point you to Christ in how I parent you. I pray that I balance being a good mama and a good wife. I pray that through Prince Charming and my's marriage, you will see how to love your wife in a Godly way.

We have a long way to go on our journey together, and I will try my best each day to savor both the easy and challenging parts of being a mommy. But know that in all parts of parenthood, I find such happiness and love in just having you in my life! 

Love you so much,


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