Friday, January 16, 2015

Happy (Hectic) New Year

Happy 2015, my blogosphere friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! I know that I did, and I am so excited for all of the many possibilities that 2015 holds. I have so many things I want to share with you, and more detailed posts will be coming about each of these things in the coming weeks.

I shared in my last post before Christmas that Prince Charming and I are expecting Baby M #2 in April, and we are thrilled for Eli to become a big brother. He himself is 14 months old now, and he is amazing to be with and watch. He is growing and learning every single day, and he is so smart and mobile. Moving from a family of three to a family of four will be a big, albeit great, transition, and we are looking forward to jumping in head first. However, we have A LOT to do to get ready for Baby M #2 to arrive. First and foremost is preparing the nursery. We will be using the same nursery that we made for Eli for the new baby, and Eli will be moving into a new room. This means we have to dismantle our current guestroom and store/get rid of whatever is currently in there and prepare the room for our firstborn. He will be sleeping in his dad's crib for whatever time remains for him to do that, and we will be giving him our dresser (it is simple and will fit well) while we get a new set of bedroom furniture. The tentative plan is to do a baseball themed room, so I will definitely be making some posts soon about our baby boy moving on up to his first big(ger) boy room.

As for our new furniture, I am very excited to see how that pans out and to share with you how it does. If you have followed my blog for long, you will have noticed that I love to browse and build idea boards with items from Wayfair. Their products are so chic and comfy looking, and their prices are typically reasonable with free shipping. I have never ordered an item from Wayfair, however, until now. We made the leap and ordered the Signature Design by Ashley Zelen Four Poster Bedroom Collection in the size queen. I haven't had a bed frame since college, so I am so excited for this purchase to come in and praying it is in good shape from shipping and handling. The picture from Wayfair of the set is below.

The wall color in the picture is very similar to what is in our bedroom currently (Benjamin Moore Affinity color Sparrow), and our floors are a little bit darker. I can't wait to see how this set looks in our space. I will probably be ordering some items for Eli's new room from here as well so long as everything goes well with delivery and customer service (if needed). And I will definitely, for you my friends, put a post or two up with before and afters and a detailed review of the furniture and of my Wayfair experience in general.

In the midst of all of these house changes, it is now Mardi Gras season in the Big Easy. That means beads, parades, and king cakes. Unfortunately for me, I have just this week been diagnosed once again with gestational diabetes (thanks, genetics) and will be unable to partake of the delicious goodness that is the Mardi Gras treat. By the time baby arrives, Mardi Gras will be over, and any good New Orleanean will tell you that you don't eat king cake out of season! Oh, well! There is always next year.

As a huge surprising treat, my parents will get to come down for a visit during my week off for Mardi Gras break thanks to Southwest's great ticket deals they are running for next month! Their presence and help will be, I am sure, greatly needed and appreciated as we try to use some of that vacation time to prepare for baby. My sister, Cookie, and new nephew will also be joining us for a few days. We so rarely get to be together as a family being as spread out as we are, so I am very much looking forward to that visit.

In addition to all of this family growth, I have been presented with an amazing opportunity to possibly publish a book in the next year. This is so exciting, but I am not going into it too much just yet as it is still in the very earliest stages and may not happen at all. But it is something I am praying God will guide me through and be glorified through as the process unfolds. Hopefully, I will have more information and details to give you on that in the coming months as well.

As you can see, there is a lot going on in this Miss NOLA-ssippi's world. I hope to have more opportunities to blog soon (and sew and cook and craft...), and I look forward to sharing all of the wonderful adventures in store for 2015 with you!

In Christ Alone,


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