Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Letters to Eli #3

Hello, my sweet baby boy!

As we have reached your four month birthday mark, I cannot help but be in awe and shock that your first year of life is already almost 1/3 of the way through and be amazed at how much you are growing and changing every day. I feel like with every passing moment you are learning to do something new. You have rolled over a few times, and you are on the brink of realizing that you are capable of doing so at will. You are starting to pull yourself up to a sitting position when Prince Charming and I prop you on our knees at an incline. You love to grab your toys on your playmat gym and stick them into your mouth. You also watch us so closely as we move around now that you are starting to roll from back to front trying to keep up with us. And your new favorite thing at bathtime is having your own rag to suck on while mommy bathes you. You are still a wonderful sleeper and an even better eater. You switch from bottle to mommy with no issues, and I am so grateful for the answered prayer of a good (although it wasn't always easy) nursing relationship with you. You "coo" and babble a lot, and I love hearing your sweet voice. Oh, and your laugh...it brings light and joy to a moment like rays of sunshine on a cloudy, gray day. Your daddy LOVES to make you laugh, and it is definitely a contagious sound.

Photograph by TJMohr Photography

Last night, when you were taking your evening bath in your blue tub in the kitchen sink, you started to really pay attention to your little feet. It is such a joy and blessing to be able to watch you figure things out and experience all of the little things I take for granted each day with such inquisitivenss and wonder. This past Sunday, you stood in the Jumperoo in the church nursery by yourself, and I almost cried because you looked like such a big boy. I try really hard to stay in the moment with you and not be too sad that these moments will be gone. It is a dangerous temptation to grieve the passage of time before it has even come and gone...then you miss the moments while they are happening. Your three month pictures your Uncle Boat took of you turned out PRECIOUS! We are so lucky to have such talented friends and family to love on you by sharing their gifts.

Although I wish my family was closer to you to get to experience all of this with you and with me, I am grateful for the family that you do have here. Your Bella, Bubby, and SugarPie love to keep you during the week, and you light up when you see them. I still can't get enough of you, and I can't wait to run home to you at the end of every work day. I still remind myself daily that I am a working mom to provide FOR you, and that helps get me through the tough days. Over Mardi Gras break, you and I had lots of fun adventures together while Daddy was on a mission trip to Haiti. We went to Mississippi to see your Aunt Cookie and Memaw and Aunt Dolly and Uncle John. She snuggled you to pieces! I also realized how very grateful I am that you sleep in your own crib at home. When you slept with me while we were in Mississippi (I didn't bring your pack and play since I had to pack and load up on my own), you were a kicker!

Photograph by TJMohr Photography

One thing we are hoping to work on as a family is taking the time to sit down around the table for dinner instead of grabbing it in the den. I know you are too little right now to really notice, but it is a habit that will be good for us to go ahead and establish as a family. I want you to know that we are always ready and willing to slow down and listen to you anytime you need us.

Photograph by TJMohr Photography

At your four month check up you weighed 17 lbs and 6 oz, were 26 3/4 inches long, and your head circumference was (once again) off the charts! (Don't worry, my love, it is genetic.) You had to get two shots, but you really only cried for maybe 30 seconds before you nursed yourself back to calm. We will start giving you some rice cereal before long, and that will be a grand new adventure for us. That is all for now, my dear. I will continue to pray for you every time I think of you, and the prayers will be the same: that you will be healthy and safe, that you will one day believe in and pursue God with your whole heart and life, and that those around you will all promote a healthy spiritual life for you.

Photograph by TJMohr Photography

I love you more today than yesterday and less than I will tomorrow,


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