Friday, July 12, 2013

Cinnamon and Ultrasounds

Week 22, and I am one happy pregnant lady for the most part. Except for the irregular sleep pattern, I feel happy and beautiful and excited. I figure a woman having difficulty sleeping during her pregnancy is God's way of preparing her for the sporadic sleep schedule a baby can induce. I feel the baby move all of the time now, and just this week, Prince Charming has been able to feel it, too...when he can catch it! :)

We took a weeklong trip to Chicago to visit my parents, and we had a great time. This statement may throw you off as I am a Mississippi girl, but shortly after I married and moved to NOLA, my dad's job transferred him North. It is super hard to live so far away from my parents that I adore and am close to, especially with this huge life event occurring, but we make it work. We drove up, and the 15 hour ride was quite different as a pregnant lady. If I had to choose a section of my pregnancy to travel that far during, this one would be it. Too early and I would have felt so sick, any later and I am sure I would have been far more uncomfortable. Overall, the trip was great; and it was awesome to get so much alone time with Prince Charming.

Once home, I geared up for my 22 week check up and my first ultrasound since the initial internal one where we saw the peanut for the first time. This one was quite another experience. Tears streamed down my face the entire time as I watched our baby kick, wave, and yawn. We could clearly make out his or her face, and it was so heartwarming. I was overwhelmed with joy and humility and gratefulness that God had granted us this little gift. It was amazing!

I think I have pinpointed what it is I will crave during my pregnancy, at least for now: cinnamon! Every time I pass a Cinnabon or soft pretzel shop or piece of cinnamon cake, I melt. Even as we speak, I am trying to refrain from licking my cinnamon coffee cake plate clean in the middle of Starbucks. I eat cinnamon cereals and am pinning cinnamon bread recipes like crazy on Pinterest. It isn't overwhelmingly bad at this point, but it is definitely the one thing I can't turn down.

I have several posts I hope to get up next week: recipes I have made, nursery crafts I am working on, and bits of this and that I have been doing. I hope to see you back here soon, and have a great weekend!

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


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