Tuesday, May 28, 2013

And So, I Sew

Sewing is something that my great-grandmother, Big Mama, was masterful at doing. She could whip up just about anything you could bring to mind. She was also a wicked-good crochet master; in fact, before she passed away in December of 2011 at the amazing age of 92, she made three neutral baby blankets for my sister and me to have for our future children. She also created beautiful needle-point wedding and birth announcements for everyone in our family. While my Big Mama was exceedingly talented in all of these areas, none of her children or grandchildren ever picked up on the craft. Now, several of her great-granddaughters, including myself, are learning at least one of the skills that she was so incredibly masterful at on our own. Not only is what we are learning proving to be very useful, but I think it makes us feel like she is still close to us.

I received my first sewing machine, a Brother Project-Runway edition, as a Christmas gift in 2012. Since then, I have already put it to good use making lovely, albeit simple, baby gifts for showers. I have loved perusing other sewers blogs to find very helpful tutorials on everything from basics to patterns, and I am so grateful to the many people who share their knowledge and resources for free. Being a teacher and the wife of a preacher, bargains are not only desirable but often quite necessary. I will share with you some of the things I have already made and the fabulous links that gave me the know-how to do them, and I will also share with you my endeavors into new and uncharted sewing territories as they arise. I am not always perfect at this (One time, I pinned together an entire blanket meticulously with what felt like a million pins before realizing that one of the blankets was right side out...needless to say, that one was unpinned and stitched free hand.), but I am loving the process of learning. Feel free to leave comments with your tips, tricks, and favorite sewing resources!

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


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