Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rain and Sushi...

Today got a little crazy! When you live in a city that sits below sea level, a little rain goes a long way. And a long way is typically UP...up to your curb, your door, you car's bumper...yeah. So, yesterday we experienced a couple of hours of fairly moderate rain fall by my house. I had to drive (maybe more like float) to church to teach my nursery class, so I caught some images to share with you. 

Just a typical rainy afternoon in NOLA. I don't often get out and about in such weather, and I couldn't believe these big trucks and SUVs had water so close to their doors. My little CRV made it through, and I thought it made it ok, but this morning I have noticed a mildewy smell developing in the car. I think Prince Charming will have to investigate when I get home tonight. 

Since the weather was so bad, I was running behind on my afternoon errands and commute; so I didn't get to eat dinner before church. I didn't have to be bummed for long. I was craving sushi (Don't worry pregnancy police; I only eat cooked items at the sushi place now that I have a baby on board.) and knew if I waited, I would get to dine with PC. ;) Being a minister makes for long Wednesdays for him. 

After five years of marriage, he still makes my heart flutter, and I cannot get enough of time spent with him. So after church, we headed over to Taste of Tokyo in River Ridge. We ordered a birthday roll, a super snow crab roll, and a coco roll. As always, I got the three sauce side of special sauce, eel sauce, and sirachi sauce. This place makes beautiful and delicious sushi! Check it out.

After a dreary, rainy day, something as simple as this awesome dinner with my handsome husband made it all better! Icing on the cake: the face of my Jack Russel, Desmond, that was waiting for me when I came home. 

All I had left to say after such a long, rainy NOLA day as I was so tired and ready for bed was...oh, what a night! ;)

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


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