Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So...what are you having?

I find it to be true that with every major milestone in life, you get a bombardment of cliche questions. When you start dating someone seriously at a certain age, it's, "When are you getting engaged?" Once you and your beloved are engaged, the question becomes, "When are you getting married?" Once wed, the question evolves into, "When are you having kids?" Once you are a prego-egg-o, the question turns into, "Do you know what you are having?" I realize that these are the pressing questions that arise with any of these events, and you hear them so often because you cannot possibly answer any of these questions for everyone with a mind curious to it all at once. It doesn't change the fact, however, that it can become tiresome to have to repeat yourself over and over again and, in some circumstances, feel pressure to make a decision about something according to someone else's standards or wishes. Fortunately, when you find joy in these events, it helps ease some of the frustrations that could arise and makes the answering more bearable.

Prince Charming and I have decided, to some people's excitement and some people's chagrin (shout out little sis), that we will wait to be surprised by the baby's sex upon our bundle of joy's arrival. I will be the first to say, as I think is wise to disclaim, that this could change at a moment's notice depending on the progression of events between now and November. However, for the time being, we are very content with our decision. I love the idea of Jarrod being able to walk out of the delivery room to our friends and family and say, "It's a ____!!!"

This answer in and of itself leads to more questions. "What will you do about decorating the nursery? Make everything yellow?" "How will I know what clothes to buy for your shower?" "Well, you better be ready to have names picked out for boys and girls." (I realize the last one isn't a question, but it is a generic response to our decision nonetheless.) We have some ideas of answers to these things.

We are indeed comprising a list of both boys and girls names. It is sort of fun to try to delve into options for both. We are making a list of names we love from both of our family lines, Biblical names, music and literary figures we like, and pulling from baby name books. We, at this point, have no shortage of names to choose from, and we will hopefully be able to narrow it down by due date.

As for clothes, I simply reply that the baby will be even more ready for clothes the day after birth as he or she will be months before, so anyone who wishes can feel free to buy the baby an outfit after arrival time. On a side note, I recall a friend finding out she was having a girl, and the mom received very little from her registry of baby necessities because it is so hard to resist the itty-bitty, teeny-weeny cuteness that is baby clothes. Not that this is why we aren't finding out, but it adds another perk to being surprised. Additionally, another new mom I know of prepped everything for her little girl on the dream room, closet full of washed and ready girlie clothes...and upon delivery, she had a son!

Finally, as for nursery decor and all things neutral yellow, I feel that the idea of what is neutral has come a loooong way from the idea that boys should be blue, girls should be pink, and all unknowns should be yellow. I plan on utilizing shades of gray with white and some sort of accent of either navy blue, shades of green or blue, or maybe even...gasp...yellow!! As long as what comes together is cute, functional, and comfy, I will be happy with it! As for the baby's preference, when was the last time you heard one complain about his or her nursery when they were born? ;)

Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?


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